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Hula+Hula Collaboration

Posted in Collaboration by loompen on November 11, 2007

This is part of an advertising project for Boomerang Channel. A freelance collaboration with my long time mates at Hula+Hula. The whole thing was six graphics for “girl’s rules”. We delivered loads of graphics and Cartoon Network’s in-house design team decided the elements that made it to the final product. :s
Oh well, I’m just happy it turned out fine and I had the chance to work with Quique from Hula+Hula, a good friend and handsome lad who in my opinion, is one of the best mexican graphic designers at the moment.
I really dont know who the photographer is, all I know is that all the sessions took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The project features graphics by Quique Ollervides, Aldo Lugo & Oscar Salinas.


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